What to Expect from Home Improvement and Interior Design

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When you hear the words ‘home improvement or interior design’, what is the first image that comes to mind? The most obvious would be a more beautiful house – one that is designed solely for you. However, if you are used to your home being the same way as it is since you moved in, the thought of taking on a huge project like home improvement might make you nervous. And the part that is making you nervous is how much you are going to spend, yet at the same time, you get excited since you get to invite friends and neighbors over to show them your finished remodeling. It can be a bit difficult not to feel a bit apprehensive about what is going to happen.

If you know what to expect during the home improvement session, it will aid in quelling your fears of things you don’t know about what goes on in this kind of project.


You should expect a lot of dust, even if only a part of your home is going to be remodeled. Aside from your regular house cleaning services, you may consider hiring a post construction cleanup service to cleanup the area once the remodeling is completed. Even if the area that is supposed to be changed is far from your living room, always expect the dust to reach there. The dust is extra lightweight and can be carried by air without you noticing it. However, there are a couple of ways to control it. If it is possible for you, close the area where the construction is going on. This means that you have to isolate the area. At least it will lessen the amount of dust it travels throughout the house. If you have air filtering systems like the air handlers, it may also help pull out the dust floating from the air.

If possible, heat up the house without using the furnace, or you can also completely block off the warm air, and the cold air goes back to the construction area. If this isn’t done, you will only be pulling the dust from that particular area into the area where you are living. You should also ask the HVAC company before you block the ducts to ensure that the furnace works to its optimal condition.

A Lot of Noise

This is only natural since home improvement involves a lot of hammering, demolishing and all the things you expect from a construction project, although this is only a small scale one. It will be an incessant one, as well. It will be difficult to find a place where you can take a nap, so you might want to find a place far from your home wherein you get to hear little of the noise. If you are working from home and easily get disturbed with noise, it is best that you find a different location as well. If you think that it wouldn’t be that bad, find a friend’s house that is undergoing home improvement construction and see for yourself.

Triumphant Moments

Maybe not all the time and not for you, but for some homeowners, they find beauty in the destruction of the old parts of their home, as they know it will be replaced with a carefully selected item that will go well in that area.

Occasional Tiredness

Just because you are very excited about your new home improvement, doesn’t mean you are always happy. There are moments wherein you are too tired to answer questions being asked of you or some checks you are writing to keep the construction going on. You could also be tired seeing that there are too many people in your house right now – your family and the construction team perhaps. This will only take a while, and you need to hang on. The fatigue you are feeling will instantly be gone when the newly remodeled area gets completed.

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